Fussin-Fightin & Feudin


Hello, beautiful readers! I have missed y’all and can’t wait to share my latest dating misadventure! I have a little story to tell about man named Hillbilly J. So, here I am just skipping down Life’s Lane, when all of a sudden I hear a very sexy soothing voice in the distance: “Howdy, pretty lady! I am gonna be the man of yer dreams!” Well, Miss Maribel Maeve cannot say no to that delicious offer! “Well, ok Hillbilly J, please DO take me for a very long and not at all fun ride on your donkey, Sir!” Hillbilly J has been jacking Miss Maribel Maeve around for 6 weeks! How odd that a Hillbilly would take the trouble to come all the way down his great big mountain (Mt Ego) just to take MMM for a ride. But, Dearest Reader, I tell you the truth…cross my heart…Hillbilly J had a hankerin’ to lie to and deceive a city girl. Well, I ‘ll be! (Southernism, Y’all). Apparently, his life is a mess and he needed a girl to drag through all that yucky mud with him. I will never figure out what it is that makes me the Narcissist Ambassador. Welcome, Narcissists, I speak your language. The dance is the same even if it’s done barefooted to dueling banjos. Build me up, give me lots of attention, tell me you love me, grow tired of giving me attention, find a new target, start being mean, vanish. Yep, that’s the routine. Well, get along on down the trail, because Miss Maribel Maeve knows a jackass when she smells one. (Bless his heart)

Love y’all,


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2 Responses to Fussin-Fightin & Feudin

  1. Been a long time! You certainly can pick them….

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