Cracking the Code: Miss Maribel Maevisms

Ok so here is a key to understanding the names I give people. It can become complicated I am sure!

Bronzed Belle~ MMM’s Mama, the Quintessential Southern Belle

Daddy~ An unavailable man who broke MMM’s Heart, but I have moved on!

Dad~ Workaholic, Unavailable Literal Father

Ex-Human~Ex-husband who was/is emotionally, verbally and eventually became    physically abusive…once. A true clinical Narcissist.

Big Daddy aka Mr Laughter~ An older man I dated who ended up being an alcoholic and too much to deal with. Lived on the beach and was super hilarious!

Mr.Sexcessful~An older, wealthy man I initially dated but became friends with, briefly. He is very politically connected and thinks he is great! He is charming, interesting and could write a book on the perfect date.

Mr. Number Cruncher aka Man Candy~ MMM’s  ex-boyfriend, sweet, funny, gorgeous and loves himself.

Mr. Bubby Wubby~  Sexy, funny, charming and zero long term goals. MMM’s typical Eye Candy/Brain Teaser sexy-smarty-pants full of charm and mediocrity.

Mr Worldwide~ MMM’s most recent Latino boyfriend for the past year. He believes his is God’s Gift to women and will remind you of all his good sexual qualities without any provocation. Wow. Speechless. (And speechless is how he prefers his girl! No opinions or ideas allowed with this one.)


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