Sometimes you just have to wrestle’em and throw ’em back!

I threw him out. He returned. I threw him out. He returned. He threw me out. I returned.

Watch out! He’s coming back!

You get the idea. One of those disgusting-to-watch relationships where one of the two participants is nice and the other is a selfish Crocodile. (But, the nice one never notices the dangerous dance.) Crikey!

My most recent Boomerang relationship ended on Tuesday. The End. C’est Fini! Done. I really feel relieved that it is over. There is a sadness in loving someone who never truly loved you back. But there is a freedom in turning and walking away…maybe running…from his hateful world.

Narcissists: 1 million     MMM: 0

I took 7 months too long to throw that Croc back in the river. I hope he is gone, gone, gone. If not, I am ready for an attack, armed with my Silent treatment spray and strict orders of No-Contact. I think we all know what kind of crazy relationship you have with a Toothy-Grinny Narc. They love themselves, they bite you. They love themselves, they bite you. It’s very predictable. What is a mystery, is why I stayed so long.

I am going to refocus now. My adventure begins with me meeting my own needs. I have done several things this week that will, hopefully, replenish my body. I have lost so much with this relationship that I need to start with basic needs first. This reminds me of an Outback Survivor mission. I will need a canteen, bug-repellent, a torch, my lip gloss and heels…you know, the survival stuff.  I have found out that I have some serious health issues that need to be my main concern. I have known of my health problems since October and have chosen to ignore them, choosing instead to focus on Mr. Worldwide’s health & happiness. Friday, I put my survival plan into action and actually went to a Doctor to take care of  MY needs.

I want to write about my health issues, but not tonight. Miss Maribel Maeve has too many things on her mind. The most important thing on my mind (after my health) is writing here. Writing brings me such comfort and my readers here are the ABSOLUTE best! I hope that you all have been enjoying your adventures. I will be back soon to share my new journey with everyone! G’day, Mates!

Much Love,

Maribel Maeve

They really DON’t make good pets!

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1 Response to Boomerang…Crikey!

  1. Will you reall stick to no-contact with this person? Will you make a serious effort to find out why this is a pattern in your life? If so, then the whole thing will not be for nought.

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