Looking back…moving forward

I have finally reached the end of the man candy road. I can’t take anymore. Not one single more first meeting, filled with fake interest in what I think or feel. Can’t take another false hope or future faker. I am sure that somewhere in this mix of ridiculosity, I am partially at fault. There is no way that one girl could attract so many personality-disordered men without some sort of secret beacon sending out the message: “I am here and willing to tolerate the absurd.” Today was the very end of that era. I took down my dating site profile and have resolved to work on myself. Β 

Have you ever noticed that life imitates those “coming of age” movies? It’s like you look back and some of what you planned is exactly where you are, but so much is not at all what you dreamed of. I want my dream. I want a man that loves my strengths, tolerates my weaknesses and brings out the best in me. A man who allows me to get close and see him for who he is and was and will be. Β I want the dream I bought into when I married a man who cost me everything. I have lost my entire family, all of my friends, my reputation, my health and my career. Thank God I have my children and my online friends.

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7 Responses to Looking back…moving forward

  1. The end??? Noooo!!!! πŸ™‚
    Well I think it’s wise to work on yourself for a while as you say. I think I had the same amount of stress, but with only the disorders of one woman last year, lol. I thought about it too, like “how did I attract that?” I guess there are many factors of which most are not about us. For example the age group. Not saying this for everyone, but if you’re looking in the 30 and up age bracket of unmarried people, well, there’s possibly a reason they are not married. Tough market!

    Yea, focus on you and the kids for now. I’ll be here as an unbiased friend if needed. Hugs

    • So true about the age bracket! I have already relapsed on my man candy addiction LOL. Not to say that I will not re-focus…I will. Thank you for your friendship…you know it means the world to me. You are such a beautiful, brilliant soul. XOX

  2. I know what you mean. Even though I’m young, I just yearn to meet someone that’s right for me. I know it may take a while, but I just want to be loved completely by someone else. I think it’s what many of us are searching for, but few ever find.

    • Don’t EVER give up on this. Happiness is elusive if you settle for someone who is less than supportive of you every day of your life (and vice versa). The person you are with has to believe you are valuable and worth the effort a real relationship takes. πŸ™‚ Thank you for reading!

  3. Wasn’t it about six months ago I was advising you in this very space to do exactly that – drop the dating site BS? You were already in a space at that time where you needed top focus on being yourself and getting back to who you are. When you feel like dating again, you should still ignore them. They’re a magnet for losers, con artists, drama queens and kings of all ages and sizes. Who the hell needs it?

    • Ian!!! Please take a vacay to my town! I am hopeless….that’s right I had Dating site relapse. I think I have damage to my amygdala. Help!!! πŸ™‚ Thank you for the comments and youre right…as usual πŸ™‚ xoxo

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