Back in the Saddle

I have joined a new dating website. Well, actually I call it a business website. It is a website that is very exclusive and has men who are wealthy. I like it because a lot of them are older (I LOVE older men!) and also they are unlikely to give me the stink eye when the waitress at the Chinese Buffet puts my $3.99 bill on their tab. (Flashback to Man Candy!) Also, men with money who are ONLY looking for sex tend to just offer it to you. These things make an interesting website!

I know what you are thinking..and well, maybe it is true. Maybe this is an escort site. I am enjoying it though. I met Mr. Sr. Purdy this past Friday. He is uber-successful and was sweet and baked me cookies for Christmas! OMG! The way to my heart… He lives in a nearby city and could be a viable option. However, he made a point of telling me about his other dates. For me, that “I have other dates” thing was a red flag, turn-off. I have heard from him a couple of times, but not really in a way that signals that he is thinking of me. I think he was letting me know I am “on the list” with many others.

Saturday night, I went out with one of the guys from the old dating site and one of the men I went out with was our waiter! That date was my way of honoring a promise I made to him, Mr. Country Bumpkin, that I would meet him. He was not my type at all, but really nice. At the end of the night, he told me he didn’t have any more money for us to have drinks and (BTW) , “I don’t think I am ready for dating. I am in love with my ex-wife.” Awwww poor guy, I love it that he was so honest. That’s a real man…balls and all. What he didn’t know, is that I wasn’t into him, so I let him believe I was disappointed.

There are too many men to list here, but let me giddy y’all up to date on the headliners:

Mr.Sub Missive is a man who asked me to marry him for money and be dominant over him sexually. He sent me a website of male chastity belts. Who knew that they come in Camo, Faux Wood Grain and Clear?! Wow, trendy Penis-Fly-Traps…awesome! Mr. Sub Missive’s final hurrah was when he offered to pay extra for me to milk his prostate while denying him sexual release. It was time for him to G-O go at that point. Ewwww.

Mr. Perfect is a man I am really into. He always says the perfect thing. He is flying in to meet me on Thursday and we are going on a trip. I can’t wait! He is amazing and I love talking to him. I just have a feeling we are going to “click”.

Mr. Aviator is a man who flies planes and has made reservations for us to go on a beach vacay for New Year’s. I am going to need to Skype with him before I will agree to his proposal. He seems removed and difficult to talk to most of the time.

Mr. Inventor is a brilliant, world-famous man who started off as an intellectual man, but has quickly spiraled into sexual curiosity. He has already set a date for me to fly to NYC to be with him for a weekend. As much as I wanted to go to NYC, I told him that he would need to travel here first. (Who better to chop me up and put me in Petrie dishes than a scientist who went to MIT?) So we will see how this progresses with my condition that he come here.

There are several more, but those few are the most interesting at this time. Stay tuned for my next adventure. Yeeee-haw! Saddle-up for my first Rodeo in this arena.

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