Ya Better Love Tootsie Rolls!

So Man Candy finally sent me an explanation for his cowardly departure: “When we were in Tarjet, you made fun of me in front of strangers about liking tootsie rolls.” Ummmm Say Wha?! My response: (a la Mad TV’s Bon Qui Qui) ” you can go ahead a fuck off “.

Anyway, in honor of his last momento at my house, I have declared it JB-DVD Day!! No, not Justin Bieber, but his treasured Joe Bonamossa DVD. I will spend the day with the (broken up) DVD so Joe and I can grieve and say our goodbyes in surrogate adult-fashion. I will update with our movements; sorta like tracking Santa! . And oh yeah, Man Candy is getting updates via text 🙂


JB went to the North Pole to ask Santa for a new Owner!

Man Candy actually texted me to tell me that he was thankful I helped him see he made the right decision. I just couldn’t stop laughing at that one! So, listen to “our” break up song: (I think it says it all)

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