Sweet Treats

The candy shop has turned into a bakery. 

Big Daddy, Mr. Number Cruncher and many others are gone. Big Daddy revealed himself to be a true Narcissist. He was unable to be there for me as a friend when I really needed one. So, Big Daddy will probably be found drunk and beaten (again) by someone else he charms into being his buddy. I will never be that person for him again. It is interesting how people can present themselves as together when internally they are a mess. I would know. Internally, I am in turmoil, but externally I have to function. t’s like having a secret tornado twisting through my mind.

Now we have a fresh batch of yummy goodies: Mr. TV News, Mr. Beach Billionaire and Boss Hoss.

Mr. TV News is a funny, interesting man who I will meet this weekend. He lives several hours away, but seems awesome.Mr. BB is a man who refuses to call me until we meet face to face. He keeps sending photos of his lavish homes and pets and cars, etc. I am not convinced that it is safe to meet him. I think there is something weird about refusing to call. I will have to think about that…. And BossHoss is funny and fun, but he likes to be in charge. He is a “no-frills” kinda guy. And I am, well, a frills kinda girlie. I mean, lace, ruffles and bling were invented for me. I have my doubts about that being a match.

Thank goodness that Mr. Sexcessful is still around, although he told me tonight that his ex-wife is attempting to get back together. I am disappointed that he may be gone from my life, but I find him to be too busy for me anyway.

Sometimes I find myself wanting to run away and be alone with my kids. Saturday, I did that; I put them in the car and we took a road trip. One day I will travel, but for now, I am  just going to visit the bakery and sample the sweet treats.

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2 Responses to Sweet Treats

  1. Well, I see my good advice has received the attention it deserves… 🙂

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