The Perfect Date

Mr. Sexcessful asked me out for an evening date. This first night time date was the kind of scene you see in movies. I almost can’t even believe that it happened. Perfection. He picked me up and drove me to the local, very private members yacht club for drinks at sunset. I had a beer and he talked about his travels. I love listening to his stories: he is funny, charming and gives details that make me feel like I was there. You know how some people have the gift of story-telling? Well, that’s Mr. Sexcessful.  After drinks at the Yacht club, we drove to a restaurant that was a second location of one his friend owns. He had called ahead to ask them to have pumpkin margaritas for me. (My current favorite!) The dinner was delicious and absolutely the best meal I have had in years. We laughed and talked and I ended up drinking pumpkin martinis instead of the margaritas. We were the only people in the place, with a full staff to wait on us. There is something irresistible about a man with power that is sweet, gentle and deliberate.  While most women don’t like to be planned for, I love a man that takes the time and effort to put every piece of a puzzle together.

After dinner, we went to his Penthouse overlooking the water. It was beautifully furnished and had a 360 degree view of our town. It was a stunning view! We stood on the balcony and looked at the stars and he pointed out major landmarks. The wind was blowing through my hair and it felt like a dream. We went inside and sat on his leather sofa, listened to music and had a scotch. I was thinking of those old movies where everything is beautiful: the music, the clothes, the paintings on his walls, his mind, his smile and the view. Every detail was accounted for and joined like a symphony of sensory stimulation. Mr.S helped me onto my knees in the floor and gave me a shoulder and neck massage that rivals ones I have paid for.

When I say perfect date, I mean PERFECT. Today, he followed it up with an invitation to lunch at my favorite place we eat lunch. Siggghhhhhhhhh. What a magnificent man full of great ideas and impeccable timing.   

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