Twister: You may not be in Kansas

The words he used burned in my brain. The way he blamed me for ruining things. He said I should not have asked so many questions about our future. It was almost comical to see him from the outside in: trying to twist my words and actions into a tornado that would destroy his obligation to me. Luckily, while he has been pretending to love me, I have been pretending to care what he says.  Thankfully, I am not as insecure and dependent upon him as he believes. I have my own tornado and he has been twisting it for two  months now; making it bigger and more powerful-angry.I have a plan he doesn’t know about. This man, with whom I share every detail of my life, doesn’t realize there is a part of me he does not know: the piece of my heart that is still broken from the last time he lied and tricked me into believing he is decent and loving. That part of my heart, at times, is in control of my every intention with him.  Funny how he has overlooked this piece of me as I overlooked the duplicitous, cruel part of him. Here we are. This moment in time is one neither of us will forget. This is the time that Mr. Loves Being Loved will learn a lesson. He will learn that I am a person. I am not an app or a game to be played. I am real. I am not a cyber person. I have REAL children, I am a REAL Mom, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Friend, Lover, Ex-Wife. Reality is about to blaze through his life and wreak havoc with it’s winds. Get to the storm shelter, Mr. Loves Being Loved, you may not be in Kansas anymore by the time I am done.

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